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My amazing best friend (Reubens godmother) just dropped round some flowers :) Last year I was heart broken because no one even acknowledged it was my first mothers day and she got a huge bunch delivered the following day. This year she turns up on my doorstep with a massive grin shouting “happy mothers day these are from Reuben!” And also a cute card which I’ve only just found!

I’ve had a lovely morning so far. Mum and Nan came round and we facetimed big brother in china. Reuben got me a lovely card (pictured). Mum got Reuben dressed for me. Reuben and I had cheese and beans on toast. We’re just listening and dancing to music now (lollipop lollipop oh lolli-lollipop!). Going to Nans this afternoon then Mums tonight for Indian.

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